Kit Ashton

Kit Ashton Jersey
Kit Ashton is a Jersey born musician and PhD student, currently researching the ways in which music can help to safeguard and revitalise endangered languages, with a focus on Jèrriais in Jersey. CHASE, the Consortium for Humanities and Arts in the South East, funds his PhD and he is academically based at Goldsmiths College, London, though living in Jersey. He is the founder and lead singer of Jèrriais pop-folk band Badlabecques. The Jersey Song Project sought to facilitate and curate collaborative song-writing between 13 Jersey musicians (listed below) and Jèrriais speakers, culminating in a final performance of new works that could be in any genre, but would include at least it one word of Jèrriais in the lyrics. The Jersey Song Project is a collaboration with the Jersey Festival of Words and was premiered as the launch of the 2018 Festival at the Jersey Arts Centre. Sam Walwyn  Midriff Lauren Ivy and The Engine Foolish Things Kevin Pallot  Peter Brookes  The Pink Cowgirl  Jax Quenault KC Southers  Steve McVay (Little Big Band) Rachael McVay (Little Big Band) JerseyBob 


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