Jordan Burrows

Jordan Burrows jersey musician singer songwriter

Producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer Jordan Burrows was born and bred on the British Channel Islands Jersey. In 2014 he was awarded ‘Best Unsigned Male’ by public vote at the Best Of British Awards. He then began writing with a Producer of the Year and two-time Ivor Novello nominated producer and songwriter for Top 40 UK artists, which swayed his writing style from acoustic to modern pop. He has since produced at Hackney Road Studios, London, for other artists and begun a collaborative personal project with producer Glance, which has seen their debut single ‘If Only’ released in late 2017.

A grant from ArtHouse Jersey in 2016 was and is being used by Jordan to buy better equipment – such as better studio monitors, microphones etc. to produce and record the music Jordan makes (as everything he has produced so far has been recorded in his bedroom!), and to market the resulting singles.

 ‘The grant has been so helpful in making the type of high quality music needed to compete in todays world, and as an immediate effect, saw our first single ‘If Only’ reach over 50,000 listens in a week. It has also helped get our music out onto iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. When a few more singles – and ultimately the entire EP – gets released, we hope to push the songs to national radio stations, and record labels to hopefully reach a global audience.’ – Jordan. 


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