Eddy Bailhache (Vivian Le Vavasseur)

Edward Bailhache, performing and producing music under the pseudonym ‘Vivian Le Vavasseur’, is a musician from Grouville, currently living and working in Berlin. He is primarily a recording artist and performer but in the process of creating, his work engages with other roles, including mixing engineering and producing, and being a sound and visual designer. He writes songs and non-lyrical works of music in a pop mind-set with leanings towards electronic, synth, and ambient genres. 

ArtHouse Jersey awarded Vivian Le Vavasseur seed funding towards the production and post production of two new EPs and the production and post production of a new music video. On this he is working with producer Steph Marziano and working remotely with mastering engineer Emily Lazar to master the two tracks. Furthering this visual identity by working with videographer Sarah Friedland to create a video for one of the songs. The recordings and music video were released in March 2019. Listen to the tracks, and keep up to date with Edward’s work, via the links below.