Alexander Mourant

Alexander Mourant Photographer and Director

Jersey born, London based photographer Alexander Mourant graduated with a BA Hons Photography at Falmouth University and was the winner of the Free Range Award 2017 for his graduate series Aurelian. His work has been featured extensively online and includes British Journal of Photography, AINT-BAD, Splash and Grab, Nowness and Photoworks. Recent exhibitions include Photoworks at Free Range 2018, Garden of Earthly Delights at Chelsea Arts Club and a solo show of Aomori at Unseen Photography Fair, Amsterdam, which was also supported with ArtHouse Jersey seed funding. Alexander is currently represented by Seen Fifteen Gallery and studying MA Photography at Royal College of Art, London.

ArtHouse Jersey awarded seed funding to support Alexander with travel expenses in the creation of an exciting new artist documentary based in Jersey and London. This documentary will follow Alexander through concept, development and production of a major new series of photographic artwork titled Vitrum in 2019.

This project will be an unusual representation of the economic hardship incurred by the agricultural industry in Jersey during the 1970’s. There remains a large amount of derelict greenhouses in Jersey, due to the decline of the tomato and cut flower industry. These industries were deconstructed by a combination of economic pressure from growing markets in South America, and faulty hydroponic procedures encouraged by The States of Jersey. His photographs will act as abstract documents of the remains from this period in Jersey’s agricultural history.

Virtum Documentary Team

Alexander Mourant: Artist and Director

Laurence Hills: Videographer 

Laurence Hills is a documentary film-maker who has filmed for National Geographic,

WWF and many more industry leading organisations. His films have been selected for several film festivals including Barnes Film Festival ’18 and have been previewed around the UK. Laurence studied design at Loughborough University where he graduated last July as one of the Develop3D Top 15 UK Graduate Designers and was awarded New Designers Virgin Atlantic Award ahead of 3,000 other graduate designers. He now works with businesses and startups to develop design concepts and direct promotional films as well as producing and directing his own festival shortlisted documentaries including ‘Kilimanjaro’ and ‘Behold the Wild’.

Lorenzo Burgio: Composer / Sound design 

Lorenzo Burgio is an experimental musician. Burgio graduated in Florence at Lizard

Accademie Musicali. Having moved to London, Burgio attends BA Creative Musicianship at BIMM Institute, next year he will attend MMUS Sonic Arts at Goldsmiths. Burgio has played internationally, notably at festivals such as Dwabrzegi, Poland, Exit Festival, Serbia and Eutropia Festival, Rome. Burgio has previously collaborated with Alexander Mourant in the creation of an existential musical piece which accompanied Mourant’s exhibition, Aomori.

Alexander: “This project will be an important step in continuing to cement my reputation as an artist. I will be able to show that have a strong understanding of my work and other disciplines such as films.”

Laurence: “I am always looking for the opportunity to document stories in film. Being young and new to the industry of documentary it is important to work on projects with people and ideas that inspire you. Alexander’s work has always asked very curious questions and his process is very unique. The subject matter itself, as well as following the artist through the process is something that stimulates both my photographic and storytelling sensibilities. I hope this film will partner beautifully with the completed photographic series and that it will allow the entire project to be more accessible to a wider audience through online features, film festivals, and screenings.”

Lorenzo: “By working with Alexander in the past, I have developed a deeper understanding of image and sound. Aomori: Monotone Echo was very well received in the music arts community. I hope to continue working on similar projects and this new documentary provides an interesting platform for this work.”


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