Carrie Cooper – A Postcard From… Episode 5: Arizona, USA

‘A Postcard From…’ is a podcast produced & presented by broadcaster Carrie Cooper.

In this series, Carrie interviews a number of locally connected creative people that are experiencing lockdown in different locations around the world. It provides an opportunity to hear first hand how other places internationally are coping with the current crisis while also exploring how the fallout of the current pandemic is influencing creativity around the globe.

In Episode 5 of the podcast ‘A Postcard From…’ broadcaster Carrie Cooper catches up with DJ, electronic music producer & label boss MIchael Hooker who hails from Jersey and is currently residing in Arizona USA. Among other things Carrie & Michael discuss the COVID19 ramifications for dancefloors around the world.


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  1. I enjoyed your postcard. Where in this hot state does Michael dwell?
    Next week we are going up to Pine Top for relief from the heat.

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